Munira Portrait


majors: anthropology + urban studies
leo sun, pisces moon, taurus rising

At Stanford, I’ve developed a deep love for the communities that have made space for me and welcomed me to this campus — namely the Black community, the FLI community and the Muslim community. The relationships I’ve built are what motivates me and keeps me going — but coming from marginalized communities, I’ve seen how Stanford has failed them and the struggles they’ve had to endure — which is why I've spent most of my two years at Stanford advocating for these communities I’m part of.


humbio major, human rights + soc minor
pisces sun, aries moon, leo rising

The three issue areas I am most passionate about are mental health, disability advocacy and queer students’ needs. In my time at Stanford, I have been heartbroken time after time to read emails about the passing of students and professors on campus. I am shaken as I read that queer and gender non-conforming (GNC) students are disproportionately impacted by sexual violence. I am frustrated and I am tired of waiting for Stanford to change. As an Exec, I hope to shift Stanford’s priorities and cultivate a campus where all students are enabled to achieve well-being and flourish as their authentic selves.

Vianna Portrait